Multiple Injuries as Mushikashika Driver collides with Municipal Officer

This morning in Masvingo, at least four individuals sustained injuries following a tumultuous confrontation between a Mushikashika driver and a municipal police officer.

The altercation escalated when the driver struggled for control of the steering wheel with the officer, resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle.

As the Mushikashika veered out of control, it first collided with a pushcart, then struck the metal bumper of one bus, before crashing into the rear of another bus.

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The impact rendered the Mushikashika, identified as a Toyota Vitz, completely inoperable.

Reports indicate that the municipal officer, known only as Mutero, purportedly attempted to restrain the driver by placing his hand around the driver’s neck as the vehicle accelerated at high speed.

Following the collision, Mutero fled the scene, leaving behind a chaotic aftermath.

Concerns have been raised by members of the public regarding the Masvingo municipal police’s management of traffic, citing a series of similar incidents in recent years, some of which have had fatal outcomes. Just last month, a municipal vehicle was involved in an accident that tragically claimed the life of a toddler in the Mucheke area.

Responding to inquiries about the incident, Masvingo Mayor Aleck Tabe stated that he was unaware of the specific details but assured that he would investigate the matter promptly.

Source : The Mirror

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