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40 Dead As Two Buses Collide In Beitbridge

40 Dead As Two Buses Collide In Beitbridge

In a devastating incident yesterday evening, a collision between a Blue Circle bus and a City Bus on the Masvingo-Beightbridge road has resulted in the loss of 40 lives.

The accident occurred in a tragic turn of events, claiming the lives of passengers on board both vehicles. Eyewitnesses report that the collision was severe, leading to fatal injuries for those involved.

Emergency services rushed to the scene to provide assistance, but tragically, the impact of the accident proved too severe for many passengers, who lost their lives on the spot.

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The incident has left the community in shock and mourning as they come to terms with the scale of the tragedy.

Authorities have launched investigations into the cause of the accident, with efforts focused on understanding the circumstances that led to such a devastating loss of life on the road.

As families and loved ones grapple with the aftermath of this tragic event, support and condolences pour in from across the region.

Recently, tragedy struck when thirteen Zimbabweans lost their lives and 26 others sustained injuries in a devastating collision involving a coach from Simplex Bus Company and a haulage truck on the N1 Highway near Hex River Pass in Western Cape, South Africa.

As emergency services rushed to the scene, fears mounted over the possibility of the death toll climbing higher, with several of the injured passengers listed in critical condition. The bus, en route from Harare to Cape Town, was still some 130km away from its destination when the accident tragically unfolded.

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