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70 Year-Old Obadiah Musindo Defends Engagement To 22-Year-Old Girlfriend!

70 Year-old Obadiah Musindo Defends Engagement To 22-year-old Girlfriend!

Obadiah Musindo, the founder of Destiny for Africa Network and a priest linked with the ZANU PF, has announced his engagement to his fiancée, 22, last Thursday.

Musindo addressed the widely circulated pictures of him proposing to his fiancée in an interview with H-Metro.

The age gap between Musindo and his sweetheart was the main topic of discussion among some of the social media users who left comments on the picture.

Commentators said that Musindo, who is supposedly 70 years old—a claim he refuted—was unethical for having a love relationship with someone who is old enough to be his granddaughter.

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Musindo declared his intention to wed the nameless woman in 2024. He declared:

70 Year-old Obadiah Musindo Defends Engagement To 22-year-old Girlfriend!

I engaged. In other words, we engaged with my sweetheart. a 22-year-old, mature, responsible, Godfearing, intelligent, smart and beautiful young girl who is going to be Mai Musindo and many people shall see her.

She is going to be my life partner. We are marrying in 2024. We are going to have one of the best, big, unique wedding in Harare and many people will be invited and many journalists will also be invited.

It will be a special wedding because I’m going to use my wedding and my marriage as an example of what a marriage should be according to the word of God.

I was a divorcee since 2010 and I have been waiting for my children to grow up and begin to understand issues.

For your information, my kids are in love with my wife-to-be. They are friends. She has a good heart like me. She is a giver. She is generous.

Musindo also denied claims that he was 70 years old, insisting that he was 53. He said:

To be honest with you, no one can force me to marry a number. To say marry this 35-year-old. I’m not marrying for people, I’m marrying for myself.


I’m following my heart and those who are criticising, ‘Hee she’s young. Here she’s this. Obediah is 70’.

I’m not 70 years old. I’m turning 54 next year on the 25th of March. I was born in 1970 25th of March.

Currently, I’m 53, but I tell you the truth, this is what I get from people everywhere I go I look ten years younger, 10 years younger.

Traditionally, in Zimbabwe, a significant age gap between spouses was not an issue, with the husband typically being older than the wife.

However, in recent years, the significance of age difference in marriages has become less rigid and some people now emphasise factors such as compatibility, love, and shared values rather than solely considering age.

Meanwhile, Musindo was arrested in 2006 for allegedly raping his maid on five occasions in 2004.

He denied the charges.

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