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8L denies ‘stealing’ song

8L denies ‘stealing’ song

By Nigel Pfunde

High flying rapper Blessed Zikhali better known by his moniker 8L has been accused of ‘stealing’ and sampling his hit song Mainini from a Ghanaian artiste Sakodi.

The pint sized rapper however scoffed at the allegations.

Showbiz hooked up with him and he said Mainini was his original work of art and he has never heard of Sakodi.

The song Mainini features Tocky Vibes and it has maintained pole position on almost all radio stations.

8L revealed that he has previously sampled the late Safirio Madzikatire’s work but distanced himself from the Mainini ‘theft’ allegations.

“If it were true l would simply say yes we sampled but we did not. Ask about Tina Babie l will tell you yes l sampled Katarina and Mukadota. My beat maker is a talented young man l just posted on my Facebook page celebrating his talent and that makes me happy,” said 8L.

The song by the Ghanaian artiste has the same instrumentation and beat with 8L’s hit song.

Music critics have argued that 8L was justified as the industry was about “adopting and adapting” .

“It’s all about adopting and adapting in arts so I don’t see anything wrong with 8L,” said a critic who preferred anonymity.

He went on to give an example of American rapper Sean Combs aka P Diddy who confessed that he adopted hits from the 1980s in his song with Mase.

8L recently released an appealing video to the song Mainini and it appears he heavily invested in that production as evidenced by the top quality.