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Actor Zolisa Xaluva Abruptly Axed from’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

Actor Zolisa Xaluva Abruptly Axed from’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

In a surprising turn of events, renowned actor Zolisa Xaluva, famed for his exceptional contributions to the entertainment industry, has been unceremoniously ousted from the cast of’s popular telenovela, ‘Smoke and Mirrors.’

Xaluva, who took on the role of Caesar in the show earlier this year, was considered a valuable addition to the series, bringing his legendary acting prowess to the small screen.

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However, reports now confirm that the curtains have fallen on his stint with ‘Smoke and Mirrors.’

“Zolisa Xaluva fired from #etvSmokeAndMirrors. The prolific award-winning actor has been let go from the hit telenovela — which is the 7th most watched show in South Africa. The role of ruthless businessman, Caesar, will likely be recast,” said Mphela.

The shocking revelation came to light through entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, who took to various platforms to announce the unexpected departure of the talented actor. The news has sparked a wave of speculation and disappointment among fans of both Xaluva and the telenovela.

While the exact reasons behind the abrupt decision remain undisclosed, industry insiders suggest that creative differences and behind-the-scenes dynamics might have played a role in this unexpected departure. Fans have taken to social media platforms to express their disbelief and concern, with many urging the production team to reconsider the decision.

Zolisa Xaluva’s departure leaves a void in the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ cast, and viewers are left to wonder how the show’s narrative will navigate the absence of a character as significant as Caesar.

As fans anxiously await official statements from both the actor and the production team, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the uncertainties that often accompany the world of television and entertainment.


@iamdjmfundisi: “I’m reminded of the JZ era where his cabinet was always reshuffled at midnight.”

@indlovukazi_3: “This guy always gets fired from every show he is in. The unfortunate part is he kills every role, and he is very talented.”

@NmabokelaNonoza: “They are wrong. Xolisa is well behaved, I don’t care what he did. But the guy is a legend and doesn’t have bad manners. So, in this case etvsmokers are wrong.”

@thoriiso_m: “Yes. The production team is the one that is wrong, Zolisa could never.”


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