African Medallion Group Answers Zimbabweans’ Cry for Help

Tsitsi Ndabambi

The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa (ZCSA) was today aided by the African Medallion Group (AMG) with provisions of basic food essentials to over one hundred Zimbabwean families currently living in South Africa. This donation came after heartfelt requests by the community for immediate relief during these challenging times.

“We have come here today to answer the call made by our African brothers and sisters from Zimbabwe currently plying their trade across various sectors of industry in South Africa, tremendously affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic,” said Itai Maunganidze, CEO of the AMG, whose mission has been to provide food relief to communities hard-hit by the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown. 

“The commitment to serve our communities including those from our neighboring countries has never been more important as we collectively, as a continent, try to navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by this global pandemic. COVID-19 is affecting most people quite harshly, with some out of employment and sources of income. So our work here today is to instill hope and care amongst the Zimbabwean people as the government encourages us all to stay home. 

“The expressions of appreciation on the faces of the beneficiaries shows that this was a much needed relief,” concluded  Maunganidze.

 AMG’s funding,  which will be disbursed throughout 2020 is coordinated by both the AMG and Hamilton Foundations, building on the company’s legacy of philanthropic support in the communities it serves.

 “As the ZCSA we are excited to receive this relief from the AMG Foundation, said Ngqabutho Mabhena, chairman of the group.

 “We have been receiving calls from Zimbabweans and other migrants living in South Africa expressing their need for food aid ever since the lockdown was implemented, he adds.

 “Today, thanks to AMG, 120 families have been assisted with food packs which can at least keep them going for a few more days and we hope that other business people will hear our cries during this time,” Mabhena concluded.