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Agripa Guti Founder of City Academy Charged with Fraud

City Football Academy Founder in Hot Water: Accused of Defrauding Parents Eyeing Manchester City Trials"

Agripa Guti City Football Academy founder is accused of defrauding parents who hoped to send their children for trials with Manchester City, where he purported to be an agent. Guti, 35, appeared in court before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

According to the prosecution, the first complainant, Cuthbert Chitima, met Guti at Alexandra Sports Club in 2022 and expressed interest in sending his son for football trials abroad. Guti allegedly claimed he could secure a place for Chitima’s son at Manchester City Satellite Youth Training Facility for a fee of US$2,000.

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Chitima paid the amount in full, but upon arrival at the Manchester City Training Facilities, officials in Dubai denied that Chitima’s son had been invited and disowned the invitation letter provided by Guti. Subsequently, Chitima reported the incident to the police, leading to Guti’s arrest.

The State further alleges that Agripa Guti defrauded Justice Nyevhe of US$2,500, Didymus Mandinenga of US$930, and Egton Tsuronzuma of US$3,800 using a similar scheme. Thomas Chanakira represented the prosecution.



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