Alexio Kawara, a man after Africa’s heart

Alexio Kawara, a man after Africa’s heart

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

Alexio Kawara is a man after Africa’s heart.

However wrong that sounds grammatically to some; well, ehm that what he is targeting.

By far Alexio remains one of the most consistent artistes locally, churning out a worthy hit timely for your ample attention.

And it appears his ploy has finally been betrayed by the release of his latest single Hatidzoreke.

The track, off his forthcoming album Oyi scheduled for release mid next year.

The album also carries another single Zvazvinhu released 2015.

Hatidzoreke however reveals a new dimension of Alexio.

It is a brilliant composition whose instrumentation can get anyone grooving and one can certainly predict, if the video were to match the quality then he would sure earn his place on DStv channels.

His infectious voice, his ability to hit pitch with ease and the arrangement make this one definitely one of the best product to have come from Zimbabwe this year.

Guitar arrangement, keys, the bass, are all packaged intelligently in a manner that could make you think of mega stars like Yousso N’Dour and Tuku.

This is certainly a sound that should see him graduate into a whole new level.

Alexio told Showbiz this week that he indeed was aiming for the top of the world.

He said the singles also serve as comeback tracks for his fans.

“These are more of comeback songs, the singles, that is. I had been quiet for a while so I am just saying to all my fans I am still here. Hatiputsike zvekumhanya (We don’t fall off too easily). At the same time I really need to bring back the inspiring Alexio in this song. With my music I want people to appreciate who I am. I believe I am a different artist who needs to be heard,” he said.

Wil Seabrook pic My Space
Wil Seabrook pic My Space

“With that in mind I see my music taking me beyond borders because I want it to change the world.”

Alexio said he has remained faithful to his sound and has not followed trends because he sets his own.

He said he has collaborated with a United States artiste Wil Seabrook on a track that will be released soon.

“Reason why I don’t believe in trends is because I want to set my own trends. I am unique and I believe that how every artist should be. I have done a collaboration with Wil Seabrook from the US. I am still planning the release but the song is done already so we are just waiting for the right timing since I have just released a new single now,” he said.

“We worked on this project, courtesy of an organisation called Rock for Human Rights. You can look him up online.”