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Ambassadors for Christ Pastor Ends Relationship Upon Learning Girlfriend was Once Rap3d

Ambassadors for Christ Pastor Ends Relationship Upon Learning Girlfriend was Once Rap3d

Controversy surrounds Pastor Peter Jezi, also known as Pastor Ryan, of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International, following his sudden termination of his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Joyce Baisai (28), whom he had previously promised to marry.

The abrupt end to their relationship, which had been ongoing since 2021, came in January, with Pastor Ryan accusing Joyce of withholding information about her past.

The spotlight intensified on their tumultuous relationship when Joyce attempted to visit Pastor Ryan at his residence in Waterfalls, sparking public outcry against the pastor.

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Joyce Baisai finds herself in distress after being denied entry to the residence of Pastor Peter Jezi, also known as Pastor Ryan, where she claims to have spent three nights outside the gate without access to food or water.

The rift between Joyce and Pastor Ryan stems from their terminated relationship, with conflicting accounts emerging. Joyce asserts that they were engaged and engaged in premarital intimacy since October 2021. However, Pastor Ryan alleges that Joyce failed to disclose a traumatic event from her past, accusing her of being sexually assaulted by her uncle.

Joyce vehemently denies Pastor Ryan’s claims, asserting her virginity until she met him. She feels betrayed, recalling promises of marriage and plans for a customary ceremony that were repeatedly postponed.

Suspecting Pastor Ryan’s intentions, Joyce confronted him at his residence, expressing disillusionment with his behavior. Meanwhile, her sister, Saymore Baisai, reclaimed a car previously loaned to Pastor Ryan.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, Pastor Ryan proposed paying damages to the Baisai family and compensating Joyce for her time. However, he distanced himself from her, citing an inability to associate with someone who conceals significant aspects of their past.

Despite police intervention and efforts to reach a resolution, tensions persist between the two parties. When approached for comment, Pastor Ryan redirected inquiries to Joyce, indicating reluctance to address the matter further.

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