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Ambitious Muzondo thinks big

Ambitious Muzondo thinks big

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

Tafadzwa Muzondo has always been an ambitious fellow and is often mistaken for an extremist.

His methods of doing things is always different and the results are different too; mainly because he achieves the results and he does so timeously.

Minus the character and face; one would visualise an elitist gentleman but that changes on meeting him.

You would often take him for a carefree bloke faithful to his opaque beer.

But ambition runs in his blood and although he maintains maximum fidelity to the brew, results of hard work have always show.

This time Muzondo is working out a plan to convert the famous Machipisa foot bridge that was opened in 1998 to connect the then new OK Machipisa and the new terminus that had been displaced by the supermarket into a theatre.

Unfortunately, the initial plan did not work out and the bridge has served as an unofficial toilet; hideout for vagrants and in some cases even dark corners where thugs operate and rape women.

Muzondo told Showbiz he had engaged the City of Harare’s relevant departments who have expressed keenness to partner him in the new project.

“We are just waiting for the processes until we get the green light but already there are several partners that have bought into the plan to clean up the space and come up with a theatre. We will keep the bridge as it is and come up with a kiosk, visual arts space and amusement space for kids especially for weekends,” Muzondo said.

He said they intend to put up a Highfield greats wall of fame with portraits that will be done by local artistes.

“Initially I wanted to use Machipisa Silver Room but there is too much red tape at Rufaro Marketing but now this is also a great idea as we are going to get rid of the human waste and make sure the space is well kempt,” Muzondo said.

On getting close to the bridge a stench of urine and human waste fills the air and Muzondo said once council gives them a green light he was prepared to clean up and start working.

The theatre would be on the OK side of the bridge with an elevated stage and 200 seater terraces overlooking the stage.

“The plan will not disrupt the function of the bridge which for now is not working at all but will actually complement the initial plan,” he said.

Muzondo said several partners had expressed interest to partner the initiative so much that, once it starts running, it would be a bridge of opportunities for talented local up.

He said apart from theatre, he would also include, stand-up comedy, music, acoustic marimba and other performing arts.

the programing, he said, would also include day and evening schedules so as to make sure every market is catered for while there would be one main play daily.

Muzondo is the founder and producer of Edzai Isu Theatre group and has one of the most vibrant community theatre program as well as workplace theatre projects running monthly in partnership various organisations among them Culture Fund, Sida and Danida.

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