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Anglican Priest Shows Off Boxing Skills: Beats Up People St Faith’s High School

Anglican Priest Shows Off Boxing Skills: Beats Up People St Faith’s High School

A priest from the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland caused an uproar at St Faith’s High School when he resorted to physical violence. The incident unfolded on Wednesday after the church hired armed security guards to block the entrance of the school in an effort to enforce the payment of a US$600 mission fund. Videos capturing the altercation quickly went viral on social media.

In the footage, an enraged clergyman, identified as Mavhezha, can be seen assaulting Village-head Fungai Changadzo, leading to the intervention of agitated parents. The clergyman proceeded to push back anyone who approached him, even threatening to harm someone. Despite being restrained by three men, he proceeded to punch a physically challenged man using crutches, causing him to fall to the ground. This further agitated the onlookers, who then roughed up the clergyman and tore his clerical attire.

Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and stated that investigations are currently underway.

The demand for payment of the mission fund, which is strongly opposed by various stakeholders, including the government, has created a breeding ground for chaos whenever the school admits new Form One and Form Five students. The Anglican Diocese of Manicaland remains unwavering in its insistence on monetizing access to its top-performing mission schools, including St Faith’s High, St David’s Bonda Girls High, St Augustine’s High, and St Mathias Tsonzo.

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Stakeholders at St Faith’s High School have vehemently resisted this policy since its introduction in 2021. Last month, the school faced controversy during the start of the first term due to an excessive number of Form One students. The Anglican Diocese of Manicaland allegedly conducted a parallel enrollment exercise to collect the mission fund, causing overcrowding in all aspects of the school, including dormitories, classrooms, facilities, and staff.

On Wednesday, officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education had to call the police to restore order as parents and members of the local community confronted the security guards, who were under Mavhezha’s supervision.

Mr. Edward Shumba, the Manicaland Provincial Education Director, confirmed the disturbances and stated that the situation was brought under control with the assistance of the police. He assured that teaching and learning activities have resumed at the school.

The church’s spokesperson and registrar, Mr. Ashel Mutungura, was unavailable for comment as he was in a meeting at the time of contact.

One church member, Mr. Chad Ruwende, criticized the diocese for its greed and expressed concern that the exorbitant fund would negatively impact the less privileged, reinforcing social exclusion. He accused certain influential individuals within the church of using the privatization of Anglican schools as a means of self-aggrandizement and profiteering.


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