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Artiste hopes to revive sleepy town

Artiste hopes to revive sleepy town

By Peter Tinashe Kaviya

Bindura born Afro jazz crooner James Zulu, who has adopted the mimic Jimmy Bindura, hopes his music will go a long way in reviving the arts sector in the Mashonaland Central capital.

The musician believes that the mining town has a lot of music fans and is confident that his music is fit to put Bindura on the map and in the process reviving the good old memories that saw bands like The Way reaching top levels during Chibuku Road to Fame in 2010.

‘’I am sure that there are a lot of music fans in Bindura that are being starved of music from the town. I believe that my music will relate to those fans and hopefully we will be able to be counted as one of the towns that have contributed to the music landscape in the country, ‘’ said Zulu.

“A lot of bands have been born in Bindura and they have done well, for example The Way went far some years back, it will be good to have those good times back.

The artiste who is putting final touches to his debut album titled Nha-Nho also confessed that the fact that Bindura was one of the few towns that successfully hosted an arts festival showcasing home grown talent had made it easy for the town to claim it place in history of Zimbabwe music.

“I think it is easy for Bindura to claim its place in the history of arts and music in the country. If you look at it, the town is one of the few that has been hosting a festival targeted at showcasing homegrown talent and that alone provides many artistes with an opportunity to showcase their talent and at the same time giving the locals a chance to interact and to witness the artistes the town has,” said Zulu.

The musician started his musical journey as a percussionist in the David Hondoyedzomba led Back 2 Back before helping to form 2002 Chibuku Road to fame competitors The Jordan’s Family with Nathan Mondoka, David Size, Patricia Bvulalo, January January.

The self-taught lead guitarist who has worked as a session guitarist recording for Bulawayo based Israel Yoyolanie, Bright Bere and Joe Maseko has enlisted the services of famed producer Munya Viya, producing the tracks Ngoma, Tizira and Rushosho .