Basetsana Kumalo Unapologetically Delivered Life Changing Words

 Tsitsi Ndabambi

For all the women with a vision for success  who attended “ The I AM Women’s Conference” at Newlands Country Club on March 14 2020, the world will never be an unpleasant space for them to live in.

 The keynote speaker, the first brown Miss South Africa 2014, business woman, philanthropist, a wife, co-parent and Top Billing Show Producer Basetsana Kumalo  delivered wisdom nuggets to the women who wear different hats from different circles with billionaire visions. 

 Saying it in the flesh she portrayed that being a celebrated beauty queen is about brains as mentioned in many beauty pageants. Basetsana a game changer in the South African Marketplace, encouraged women to not only sit and raise their kids but to also penetrate higher offices.

“When a woman takes the reigns at a top positon it is a guarantee that she will definitely catapult an organisation and her family at large. We have to create a dynamic movement of women who are motivated to contribute to the economic development and improving the future of the continent,” she said.

 The articulated and well-spoken  Basetsana, plucked out low self- esteem exchanging it with confidence and zeal to make it in the business and social arena in each person’s heart who was in the audience.

“The first of its kind in Zimbabwe, The I AM Women’s Conference, is designed for women who are seeking growth, inspiration, and connection in their personal lives, businesses and careers. I AM offers empowering talks, workshops and sessions on topics such as confidence, relationships, owning your truth, wellness, doing the work, and so much more,” said the conference brain child Nyengeterai Mahaka of True Reflections – a boutique marketing agency in Harare, which specializes in trainings, marketing strategy and branding.

 Speaking at the event, Nyengeterai Mahaka highlighted that the event theme “Unapologetically You” was a call to arms for women to stop apologizing for existing and choosing to be their authentic self-whether in the boardroom, in society, or within the broader community.

The I AM Women’s Conference is the flagship conference which will usher in future I AM conferences that will be conducted throughout the year.

 Sitting under the voices of powerful presenters at the conference were notable people such as Prophetess Ruth  Makandiwa, Pokello Nare, motivational speaker Nyaradzo Viki Mavindidze and celebrity fitness trainer Evonne Gadzikwa.  The choice of inviting Basetsana as the key speaker at their first conference by the True Refletions team was a superb one.