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Bezbets Fined US$500 for Fraud in Withholding Staker’s Winnings

In a recent court ruling, the betting company Bezbets faced legal repercussions for its deceptive practices, as Harare magistrate Simon Kandiyero imposed a fine on the company for defrauding a punter of his rightful winnings totaling $5400.

The punter, who had staked a bet with US$394, found himself embroiled in a legal dispute when Bezbets refused to pay out his significant winnings, citing alleged misuse of funds.

Despite the punter’s legal victory, the magistrate’s decision did not include any directive for restitution, leaving the aggrieved individual empty-handed not only in terms of his winnings but also regarding the initial sum he had wagered.

Robson Chinamasa, representing Bezbets, faced the magistrate’s verdict and was remanded pending sentencing, scheduled for Friday.

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The crux of the matter lies in Bezbets’ questionable tactics, whereby they selectively enforced rules and regulations, depriving the punter of his rightful earnings while disregarding similar instances in the past.

The punter’s defense hinged on the absence of explicit terms and conditions governing the specific game, contending that previous dealings with Bezbets had not raised any objections to his betting practices.

Magistrate Kandiyero’s ruling unequivocally condemned Bezbets’ deceitful behavior, labeling it as fraudulent. He pointed out the company’s evident double standards, swiftly acting only when losses were incurred while ignoring inconsistencies that favored the punter.

In a surprising twist, Bezbets retaliated by filing a countercharge of fraud against the punter. However, the National Prosecuting Authority declined to pursue the matter due to insufficient evidence.

This legal saga underscores the importance of transparency and integrity within the betting industry, highlighting the vulnerability of punters to exploitation by unscrupulous entities..

In another story, Magistrate Kandiyero ruled in favor of the punter, highlighting Bezbets’ inconsistency in honoring bets. Despite the company’s claims of misrepresentation by the punter, the court found them guilty of fraud, emphasizing their selective action in honoring winnings….read in full

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