Billed Eat Out A Success

There was a lot of tear shedding, laughter and love at the EatOut Fest at Hellenic Club on Saturday 21 September where more than 300 homeless people were given a treat.

A lot of well wishers some in forms of individuals and corporates took extra miles to make this day memorable.

Their started with a beauty treat from a shower, haircut and hairdos for the girls and ladies to manicures and pedicures finishing it off with fresh clothes.

As event organiser and founder Henry Chigma promised some main players in the industry and a large number of volunteers including staff from Spar Supermarkets came to serve them lunch.

The event was complimented with a concert from Masa, Edith WeuTonga, Alexio, Note2etoN Choir, Mangoma and lots more musicians and some dance groups with a surprise flash mob.