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‘Biti, Stunner in underwear war’

‘Biti, Stunner in underwear war’

By Nigel Pfunde

At the end of 2011, then finance minister Tendai Biti grabbed the headlines over the importation of second hand underwear leading to the banning of used knickers.

“I am told we are now even importing women’s underwear in this country…How does that happen?

If you are a husband and you see your wife buying underwear from the flea market, you would have failed…If I was your in-law, I would take my daughter and urge you to first put your house in order if you still want her back…” Biti was quoted as having said.

Yet at least four years later Biti now leader of another political party People’s Democratic Party finds himself arguing over underwear again.

Biti had a public spat with Stunner on social media over a lingerie party that Stunner is hosting Thursday at Private Lounge in the capital.

The politician questioned the sanity of having a party themed “lingerie party” in an environment where people are struggling and Stunner hit back at him on social networking site Twitter.


Biti’s tweet read: “Is this for real? With all the pain and suffering of our people such bohemian dross still happening”, in reference to the much hyped lingerie party that will feature the country’s erotic dancers Beverly Sibanda and Zoey Sifelani.

Stunner challenged Biti saying he is dragging himself into petty ‘underwear’ issues neglecting to comment on the positives that the rapper has done in the past.

Organisers of the potentially explosive party said they were unfazed with Biti’s sentiments and the party was going on as planned.

“We are not moved with Mr Biti’s outbursts he is a citizen who is entitled to his own opinions. We urge party lovers to come in numbers as Zoey and Bev are more than prepared to thrill,” said the organisers.

The party will see ladies exhibiting different lingerie befitting summer and the host Stunner will also drop songs from his latest album If I die tonight.