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Black Coffee Implies Enhle Mbali Didn’t Appreciate Luxury Car Gift He Purchased for Her

Black Coffee Implies Enhle Mbali Didn’t Appreciate Luxury Car Gift He Purchased for Her

Black Coffee shared a personal anecdote about gifting an ex-partner an expensive car, expressing disappointment at her lack of appreciation for the gesture. The DJ, still coping with the aftermath of a traumatic plane crash, recounted the incident during an interview on Kaya 959.

Although he didn’t specify the car model, Black Coffee described it as a luxury item at the time. In a video shared on Twitter by user ThisIsColbert, Black Coffee revealed his surprise at his ex’s unexpected reaction to the gift.

“The response wasn’t what I expected; she wasn’t excited. I expected her to even cry, but she was just like; “Oh, nice, thank you.’ And it sat with me heavily for a long time as someone who was not appreciating.

“Sometimes, there are things we wish for people, and things they wish for themselves; and we make the mistake of imposing our wishes on them.”

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After speculating that the story involved Black Coffee’s ex-wife, Enhle Mbali, online users criticized the DJ for attempting to win favor with his ex using monetary gestures. Some referenced allegations of Black Coffee’s extramarital affairs in their responses.

MorolongZA said:

“I don’t know, man. It just sounds like someone thinking throwing money at problems that don’t require money will make those problems go away.”

glocal_thando wrote:

“If a woman isn’t giddy about the big things, it means you’re fumbling the small things.”

B____D___ posted:

“Every time he speaks, I’m even more convinced that Enhle is right. Like, why would you reflect on such?”

LesediMS_ responded:

“I’m just glad he’s singlehandedly exposing how much of a horrible husband he was.”

MphoMoalamedi was curious:

“Did he buy it before or after he cheated and had kids outside the marriage?”

dukesy19x said:

“Lol, unfortunately, a lot of men are like this. It’s like you must reward them for their unfaithfulness.”

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