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Blantinna Magaya Praises Super Kids as Heroes for Saving Her Life

Blantinna Magaya, a woman from Mhondoro, is expressing profound gratitude towards her two young children, Luckmore and Peace, who heroically rescued her from a crocodile attack. The harrowing incident unfolded when Blantinna found herself on the brink of being dragged underwater by the powerful reptile. In a remarkable display of bravery, Luckmore and Peace, aged just 12 and 10 respectively, leaped into action, confronting the crocodile head-on to save their mother’s life.

Their courageous act garnered national attention, leading to an extraordinary honor bestowed upon them by President Mnangagwa at State House. The President recognized their bravery and pledged to support their education up to university level, in addition to presenting each child with US$5,000 cash.

Blantinna Magaya expressed heartfelt appreciation to President Mnangagwa and Honorable Sakupwanya for their recognition and support, acknowledging the profound impact on her family’s life. She reflected on the terrifying ordeal, recounting how her children’s swift actions saved her from certain peril. Despite the traumatic experience, Blantinna remains deeply grateful for the second chance at life afforded to her by her heroic children.

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Recalling the moments of the attack, Blantinna admitted to being overwhelmed and disoriented, with her memory fragmented amidst the chaos. She vividly remembers the sight of her children bravely confronting the crocodile, their actions serving as a beacon of hope amid the perilous situation.

As she continues to recover from the ordeal, Blantinna remains in awe of her children’s bravery and selflessness, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to saving her life. She eagerly awaits further details of the incident from her village, relying on the collective support and solidarity of her community to piece together the events that transpired.

Blantinna’s story serves as a testament to the extraordinary courage and resilience displayed by individuals, particularly in moments of crisis. Through the unwavering determination of her children, she has been granted a precious second chance at life, a gift she will forever cherish and honor.

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