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Blaze Engulfs Joina City Buildings

Last night, a devastating fire engulfed a shopping mall situated at the intersection of Julius Nyerere and Speke Avenue, opposite Joina City in Harare, leaving numerous individuals grappling with significant losses as goods worth thousands of dollars were consumed by the flames.

Suspected to have been triggered by an electrical fault, the fire razed hair salons, pharmacies, clothing stores, and various retail businesses to rubble. As the inferno intensified, some tenants, overwhelmed with emotions, declined to comment, while others attempted to salvage whatever they could amidst the raging blaze.

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Tragically, the fire not only destroyed shops but also engulfed living spaces, leaving occupants watching helplessly as their accommodations were devoured by the flames. Despite the efforts of the fire brigade to extinguish the blaze, the damage was extensive, with most of the merchandise on all floors being reduced to ashes.

Blaze Engulfs Joina City Buildings

Amid tearful scenes, a long-time resident of the building lamented the heartbreaking loss, revealing that her husband was still inside, endeavoring to salvage whatever little remained. For many like her, the fire represented an unexpected and horrifying ordeal, leaving them reeling from the sudden devastation.

Witnesses described the swift and intense progression of the fire, recalling the sound of breaking windows followed by towering flames that engulfed the mall within moments. The magnitude of the destruction was evident, with estimates suggesting that millions of dollars’ worth of goods were lost, considering the recent partitioning of the mall to accommodate numerous businesses.

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