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Bogus Police Officers Sentenced Five Years In Jail

Bogus Police Officers Sentenced Five Years In Jail

In a recent court ruling, Learnmore Dukwende (23) and Simbarashe Gowani (28) have been handed a 60-month jail term by a Mutare Magistrate for their involvement in five cases of impersonating police officers.

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The incident occurred on January 25, 2024, when the two individuals embarked on a spree in Chitakira and Saburi Business Centers in Mutare, falsely claiming to be police officers.

Their modus operandi involved approaching business owners, particularly butcheries and grocery shops, under the guise of checking shop licenses.

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Subsequently, they extorted bribes from those lacking proper documentation.

The scam was uncovered when the victims realized the perpetrators were not authentic law enforcement officers and promptly reported the matter to the authorities.

The court sentenced Dukwende and Gowani to 60 months in prison, with 24 months of the sentence suspended. Consequently, they will serve an effective term of 36 months behind bars.

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