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Bold Duo’s Brazen Heist ,Car Seized by ZACC Vanishes Under Their Nose

A bold duo has brazenly made off with a car held by officials of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) as evidence.

Jossam Aarons and Privilege Matibu found themselves in court yesterday, facing charges of obstructing justice.

The court was informed that in February, ZACC probed several cases of fraud involving the swindling of pensioners’ lump-sum payouts.

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This investigation led to the apprehension of Tawanda Matau and Bernard Chizunza, who are currently in custody awaiting trial. However, their partners in crime, Luckmore Matuku and Precious Sunungurai Muzenda, remain elusive.

On February 11, it was discovered that Matuku had fled to Matepatepa, Bindura, in an attempt to evade arrest.

ZACC officers tracked him down, only to find him missing but left behind a Nissan X-trail, which the gang had been using during their criminal activities across the country.

Unable to locate Matuku, the officers traced him to Gilati Farm in Glendale. Although Matuku managed to evade capture, he abandoned the locked Nissan X-trail, registered as AFG 0708, on the farm’s premises.

Due to a lack of spare keys, the officers couldn’t transport the vehicle to Harare.

Instead, they removed its wheels and computer box and informed the farm’s occupants that ZACC had seized the vehicle. Shorai Grace Chaora, the registered owner, claimed to have lent the car to Matuku.

A certificate of seizure was issued, and the vehicle was cataloged as a ZACC exhibit pending the case’s conclusion.

However, on March 30, an investigator received a tip-off that Aarons and Matibu had arrived with a tow truck to retrieve the car. ZACC officers acted swiftly, apprehending the duo.

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