Bree Living the Dream

Alessandra Bree Chacha the businesswoman who introduced her own organic line of family skincare products is enjoying the fruits of her success and hugely contributing to the economic health.

She hit the headlines in December last year for being the first transgender woman to lunch her beauty products locally while she is in the process of transitioning.

It is every woman’s dream and top priority to look and feel good, before she dresses up she is conscious of her skin and body.

When a body lotion that works especially for harsh climates like Bree’s BALT is dropped on your doorstep you jump for it.

Bree who is a face of her own product is one of the sought after speakers on beauty and body care at women’s events where some are seen showing off their velvet smooth skin as a result of the new product.
The product is known to remove scars, blemishes, acne or razor bumps whilst giving you that top to bottom natural healthy glow.

Apart from the lip balm which is made in South Africa, all her skincare solutions are locally made at an ISO certified factory in Harare.

“The uptake of BALT organic skincare and most importantly consumer feedback has been amazing. Since the launch in December 2018, we managed to break even in 30 days. We have supplied to local consumers and in South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and Sweden. Our market is continuing to grow,” commented Bree who is living her childhood dream.

Jumping to her transition, a question on the tip of every tongue she gladly explained, “I identify as a female in the making because I was born a transwoman that is with male genitalia, female hormones, body features, talents and just how I felt in general and now in the middle of making my full transition to womanhood, a process I started a year ago.

“Since starting my transition, I feel and look more normal now especially to the public, I have gained more respect, love and it does feel good. Some of our BALT skincare clients are people who knew me before I started my transition and now they admit that transitioning brought out the real me, a respectable lady of purpose and value.

“I see myself being a mother and aunt who is continuing to be a successful business woman and philanthropist in the future. BALT Global’s vision is to inspire multitudes worldwide and we have only just begun.”
Since starting her transition, Bree is living her other dream is travelling and shopping for dresses, handbags, shoes and jewelry that she has nicknamed herself Sisi Shopaholic.

She confessed to applaud Jah prayzah for his lyrics on his songs Mudhara achauya and Dzamutsana. “These two songs make me feel good and motivate me to remain a valuable lady who knows her worth and especially knows how valuable she also deserves to be treated in any relationship,” said Bree.

“I am single for a reason, focusing on my baby BALT Global and getting to understand myself better as the woman I am becoming. When am ready, will definitely say yes to one of the eligible bachelors pursuing me.”