Budding gospel star hospitalised

Budding gospel star hospitalised

By Munashe Rungano

South Africa based upcoming gospel musician and former Sandringham High School choir lead singer, Salome Joy Mondiwa has been hospitalised at a Cape Town hospital due to health complications she suffered early January.

Speaking to Showbiz from her hospital bed, Salome said she was hopeful of a full recovery as she has progressed well since her admission at the medical facility.

The 20 year old sensation said she was due for a kidney transplant anytime soon emphasising she has been informed by her health handlers that she was out of danger.

“l have been here for almost a month now but l thank God l have been told l am out of danger and as soon as the transplant is done l will hopefully be recovered,” she said.

The artiste who has a duet with gospel artiste Bethan Pasinawako Ngolomi titled King of kings – under Sandringham High School’s album, Tariro (Hope) said before her ailment she had been busy preparing for her debut music project.

“For all the experience l have gained in the music field at such a young age l have reached the moment l feel l am ready to present myself as an outright artiste to the world. l had plans to launch a DVD live album soon but due to my current health condition l guess l have to wait a little longer,” she said.

Having attended primary education in Cape Town and moving back to Zimbabwe for High School she said music was an inborn talent as she started singing only at the age of eleven.

“It was only when l got to high school that l realised there was more to my talent than the voice, l could compose songs too. It came as a privilege to enroll at Sandringham which in my own view is a great institute in nurturing music talent through the school choir,” Salome said.

She added that she had been best prepared for the industry by involving herself in a number of collaborations and backing vocal other artistes which set the momentum to stir her solo career.

The singer said she hopes to attract sponsorship and promoters for her project as she aims to take the music industry by storm with a well organised event befitting the shiny jewel she is.

Although she stressed she had recovered, Showbiz had to cut short the interview to her time to rest and recuperate from the various dosages which seemed to be taking toll on her.