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‘Bulawayo elevated to capital city’

‘Bulawayo elevated to capital city’

By Nigel Pfunde

The City of Kings was this Saturday temporarily granted the capital City status talking over the entertainment of the country by hosting a handful of five star events creating a carnival atmosphere.

Man of the moment Jah Prayzah had the second leg of his Mudhara Vachauya album launch at Large City Hall, a new upmarket club called Club 263 had its official opening and high flying rapper Cal-vin had an album launch at Elite 400.

Naturally, all eyes were on the Jah Prayzah gig and indeed it lived up to billing.

The venue was the Large City Hall car park and by 5pm people were trickling in.

Master and “mistress” of ceremonies were Sandra Ndebele and comedian Clive Chigubhu both dressed in black probably a symbol of their no nonsense mood when it comes to party.

The first act was the inimitable duo of Etherton Beenie and DJ Fleva, the senior team of the Judgement Yard Family.

They dropped massive dancehall hits getting revellers into delirium.

After a slightly more than 45 minutes long set, the team bade farewell to the crowd but that was not to be.

The show host and coordinator Dee Nosh was nowhere to be found forcing the pair to extend its set and employ creativity to get revellers on their feet.

The crowd grew impatient and the Mbare bred Etherton had to pull something out of his ghetto bag of tricks to hype the fans.

He asked Flevah to play Ricky Fire’s Ndiratidze Zvaunoita and called out for a lady to jump on stage and ‘wine’ and it worked.

Dee Nosh then reappeared and immediately summoned Sandra Ndebele and Clive Chigubhu on stage.

The two rescued the near ugly situation.

The party continued with Winky D changing the complexion of the night; getting mobbed as he walked on stage clad in all white apparel and revellers went wild.

He dropped his song Mdara Vauya compelling some schools of thought to suggest that it was a satirical move since Jah Prayzah was launching an album titled Mudara Vachauya.

Yet it was just creative artistry.

Winky D then went on to drop tune after tune and kept the revellers displaying their nimble feet on the dance floor.

He also unveiled a new track simply titled 25 and it is pregnant with social commentary.

Judgement Yard also had a good outing
Judgement Yard also had a good outing

After Winky D in came Cal-vin who arrived late owing to his other assignment of his poorly attended album launch at Elite 400.

He was apparently overambitious, launching an album the same day with Jah Prayzah and also on a day that Winky D is in town!

He played two songs backed by his dancers and his performance was a big yawn.

Man of the moment Jah Prayzah then closed the gig majestically and wowed the crowd as has become his tradition.

A few meters away, a new upmarket nightclub Club 263 had its official opening which was near flawless.

Judgement Yard had a busy night as they also set the roof on fire at Club 263.It was refreshing to see them playing hip hop on their set and it was a well calculated move as it sent patrons wild.

One of Harare’s finest wheel spinners DJ Rax also did justice to his inclusion on the line-up.

Club 263 is bound to change the face of uptown clubbing in the City of Kings as club crawlers in Bulawayo will have to get used to choice following the entry of Club 263 in their city.

Oh what a Saturday night for Skies!