Bulawayo Mayor Coltart Refuses Resignation in Support of Chamisa

Bulawayo Mayor Councillor David Coltart has declared his decision to retain his position, refusing to step down in solidarity with former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa recently resigned from the party, citing concerns such as infiltration by state agents.

Coltart, a prominent figure within the CCC, emphasized that stepping down as mayor would potentially provide ZANU PF, the ruling party, with an advantage to wield greater influence. His stance reflects a strategic move to maintain stability and resist any potential power shifts in favor of the ruling party.

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Chamisa’s departure from the CCC has sparked mixed reactions within the party ranks. While some legislators have chosen to follow Chamisa’s lead and resign in solidarity, others have opted to remain within the party structure. This division underscores the complexities within the opposition movement and highlights differing perspectives on the best course of action following Chamisa’s exit.

Amidst speculation about Chamisa’s next steps, rumors abound regarding the formation of a new political party. However, there are concerns within certain segments of society about the prospect of incorporating individuals who have not demonstrated solidarity with Chamisa through resignation. This suggests a growing emphasis on loyalty and unity within opposition circles, as well as the potential challenges of navigating political alliances in a dynamic landscape.

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