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Bulawayo up for upgrade

Bulawayo up for upgrade

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

The City of Bulawayo is up for a magnanimous upgrade if that is not already underway as musician Jah Prayzah has thrown out of the window the city’s second city status.

This comes as the musician has scheduled a much bigger party for his Bulawayo album launch for the forthcoming album Mdhara Vachauya as compared to that of Harare.

After the launch in Harare on August 12, Jah Prayzah will take to Bulawayo in glitzy road trip that is expected to be graced by thousands of fans.

According to one of the organisers of both launches and the road trip, the Bulawayo launch will cost way more than the Harare edition.

Apart from that, the same number of tickets have been put up for the promotions in both cities.

[download id=”undefined” template=”Jah Prayzah road trip”]Jah Prayzah Road trip flier

“We are doing away with the notion that Bulawayo is a second city. Our budget proves it. We are making sure everything that we do in Harare we also do in Bulawayo. We have 100 VIP tickets up for grabs for both Bulawayo and Harare, we have one fridge, one television set and one car for each city,” said Nyandoro.

“Now if you factor in the road trip most of whose cost has been subsidised you will understand that Bulawayo is going to chew up a lot more into our budget than Harare.”

[download id=”undefined” template=”Jah Prayzah tickets promo”]Jah Prayzah Pure Drop flier

Nyandoro said more would also be spent on flights and Jah Prayzah will be travelling to Bulawayo for the in-store draws.

“We have 25 shops participating in Harare and 10 in Bulawayo but Jah Prayzah will be travelling for the draws in Bulawayo so that we maintain the hype. He will be flying to Bulawayo on August 10 to handle the draws in 10 shops starting at 9am before the grand draw at TM Hyper and hand over of the grand prize which is the car at Bulawayo City Hall at 12am courtesy of Surface Wilmar,” Nyandoro said.

“The draw in Harare will be done on August 12. Both cars will be handed over to the winners right at the draw. We will not have to ask the winners to come to our offices. As soon as everything is confirmed we are done.”

Nyandoro expressed gratitude to their various partners and sponsors starting with Surface Wilmar owners of the Pure Drop brand who are the major sponsors, Devine Assignments, Coloursell Furnitures among several others who have come on board for the event.

“I think we are headed in the right direction now with corporates coming on board. we are happy this model is working and we hope many artiste will see value in the effort we put in and emulate it for the betterment of the industry as a whole,” said Nyandoro.