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Bulawayo wants more of Sexy Angels

Bulawayo wants more of Sexy Angels


RAUNCHY dancer Bev and her Sexy Angels on Friday night attracted a full house at the recently opened on fire adult joint Private Lounge at Cecil Hotel, Bulawayo and left male patrons clamouring for more.

The venue, has become a prime late night attraction in Bulawayo, bringing the best of adult entertainment in the City of Queens and Kings.

Several male patrons had a sweltering time as they stampeded to the stage not only to get a closer glimpse of the Sexy Angels eye-catching bodies, but to be chosen for a stage affair with the popular Harare dancer and later anticipating to be stripped on stage.

The Sexy Angels queens had all patrons, both male and female on their toes giving hard time to those who were in the VIP enclosure enjoying their expensive whiskeys also trying to catch a clear glimpse of the erotic dances.

Although Bev real name Junior Lizzy Zinhu and her group put a sterling performance that left several male patrons drooling, some men were not satisfied with her almost two-hour long set and still begged for more.

Speaking to Showbiz after her show Bev appreciated the support she was getting from Bulawayo.
“Bulawayo is now like our second home, each time we perform here our shows are fully packed. We salute our Bulawayo fans for their unwavering support,” Bev said.

She said many patrons now understood her that she is only there to entertain them and nothing else.
“Previously, women were jealous of me, thinking that I was a home-wrecker, but that has since changed because they now appreciate that I am an artiste,” she said.

“We are here only to entertain our fans and we do not want anyone’s man. We are here because of the demand for our shows and we will continue entertaining revellers wherever we are called.”