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Burial Postponed Over Swollen Private Parts of Municipal Cop in Suspected Suicide

Mysterious Death of Municipal Cop Sparks Controversy and Postpones Burial

The sudden and mysterious death of Moses Mboma, a popular former Chegutu Pirates right-winger and municipal cop, has sent shockwaves through the community.

Mboma was found dead in his room, seemingly having taken his own life. However, the discovery of swollen private parts and scars on his body has raised suspicions among his family and relatives.

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The incident has led to the postponement of his burial, as the community grapples with unanswered questions and seeks justice for the untimely demise of a beloved individual.

The Initial Belief and the Dramatic Turn of Events

Accorading to Hmetro , it was widely believed that Moses Mboma had tragically chosen to end his own life. The discovery of his lifeless body, with a rope around his neck, suggested suicide as the cause of death.

However, the events that unfolded afterward have cast doubt on this assumption.

When the family attempted to retrieve Mboma’s body from the mortuary, they encountered unexpected difficulties. Faced with this unusual situation, the family sought the intervention of a traditional leader.

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Believing that further investigations were necessary, the family began to question whether foul play was involved in their loved one’s death.

Disturbing Discoveries at the Mortuary

The suspicions of the family and relatives were exacerbated when they finally gained access to the mortuary and viewed Mboma’s body.

The sight of scars on the back of his neck and the swelling of his genitals raised alarming questions about the circumstances surrounding his death.

These discoveries were perplexing and prompted the family to suspend burial arrangements, hoping that a thorough investigation would shed light on the true cause of Mboma’s demise.

Seeking Answers and Demanding Justice

Mboma’s elder brother, Chris, voiced the family’s concerns and dissatisfaction with the initial explanation of suicide. Chris emphasized that his brother was not the type of person to take such extreme measures and expressed hope that justice would prevail.

The family’s quest for the truth leaves them eager for a thorough investigation that will uncover the circumstances leading to Mboma’s untimely death.

Community Disquiet and Traditional Beliefs

The events surrounding Moses Mboma’s death have stirred up disquiet within the community. The difficulties experienced in retrieving his body, coupled with the disturbing physical findings, have fueled speculation and mistrust.

In accordance with traditional beliefs, the family sought permission from the deceased to bid him farewell, underscoring their desire for closure and the truth.

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