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CAG Buses’ Safety Under Scrutiny After Accident

In yet another incident involving CAG buses, two vehicles narrowly escaped a potential collision with a truck on the road just after Leopold Takawira and Hebert Chitepo.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the buses had to make an emergency stop, which resulted in the   accident.

According to one eyewitness who spoke to our publication, the buses were forced to apply their emergency brakes in order to avoid a collision with an oncoming truck.

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“If it wasn’t for the concrete flower bed that managed to stop them, it could have been a catastrophic incident,” the eyewitness said.

The CAG buses have gained notoriety in recent times due to their involvement in a series of road accidents. This incident adds to the growing concerns surrounding the safety of these vehicles on the roads.

One passenger, Tawanda Musamu, expressed his concerns about the buses, suggesting that they may have some faults. “It seems that the buses have some mechanical issues because they should have been able to stop properly when the driver applied the brakes,” Musamu said.

The incident highlights the urgent need for authorities to address the safety concerns related to CAG buses.

Passengers and members of the public are growing increasingly concerned about the frequent accidents involving these vehicles.

It is imperative that the relevant authorities conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to identify any underlying issues and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of passengers.

Efforts to reach CAG Bus Company for comment on the incident were unsuccessful at the time of publication. Further updates regarding the investigation and any measures taken by the company will be provided as information becomes available.

CAG Buses' Safety Under Scrutiny After Accident

In the meantime, passengers are advised to remain cautious while traveling on CAG buses and report any safety concerns to the appropriate authorities.

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