Carlos Green to shoot video on his birthday

Carlos Green to shoot video on his birthday

By Showbiz Writer

Singer Carlos Green has showered praises on fellow artiste Soul Jah Love for his immense talent proven on the duo’s collaboration that is currently on rotation.

The track Ndini ndakatanga released in December has earned Carlos Green an unexpected following so much that he has decided to shoot the video of the track on his 29th birthday.

The singer told Showbiz Tuesday that he would be shooting part of the video at AAG president Chamu Chiwanza’s Borrowdale home because of the house’s beauty.

“We want to do a beautiful video. Zimbabwe has been loving the track. Soul Jah Love is a great artiste and I have just realised he is on a great new level,” he said,

“The video will be released sometime in February but we will be shooting part of the video on my birthday on January 26 on my 29th birthday.”

The artiste known for his flamboyance and penchant for expensive cars and clothes said the video will be produced by Andy Cutter who he regarded as “the best in Zimbabwe”.