“CCC Urges MPs and Councillors: Do Not Resign”

"CCC Encourages MPs and Councillors to Remain in Office Amidst Leadership Transition"

In a recent statement, Promise Mkwananzi, deputy spokesperson of the CCC, urged the party’s Members of Parliament (MPs) and local authority representatives (councillors) to continue fulfilling their duties while the party navigates through the departure of former leader Nelson Chamisa.

According to the statement, the Citizen’s National Assembly (CNA), the highest decision-making body of CCC, directed all party deployees in council and parliament to persist in their roles as discussions with President Chamisa progress to determine the best course of action.

Mkwananzi emphasized that resignations, if necessary, would be advised accordingly, respecting the decisions of those who have chosen to resign independently and standing in solidarity with those forced to resign due to recalls.

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The statement outlined ongoing efforts to maintain communication between deployees and party officials, as well as with President Chamisa, to ensure alignment with the party’s objectives and strategies.

Furthermore, the CCC affirmed its commitment to engaging with stakeholders across various sectors, including churches, civil society, business, labor unions, and the public, while also continuing legal proceedings and interactions with SADC to address pertinent issues.

Amidst the transitional period, the CCC emphasized President Chamisa’s significance as the legitimate leader of the broader democratic movement in Zimbabwe, pledging to work towards a lasting solution in a timely manner.

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