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CCC Warning For Tshabangu

CCC Warning For Tshabangu

The spokesperson for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Gift Ostallos Siziba has issued a warning to Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed interim Secretary General of CCC, cautioning that ZANU PF will reportedly abandon him soon.

Tshabangu recently initiated the recall of 14 CCC legislators and over 17 CCC councillors, claiming they were no longer members of the party. Some CCC officials suspect Tshabangu’s actions were influenced by ZANU PF.

Speaking at a campaign rally aimed at garnering support for upcoming by-elections, Siziba expressed concerns about Tshabangu’s associations, advising him to be cautious as his handlers might allegedly turn against him.

Siziba warned Tshabangu, stating, “You should be careful because you are dealing with hyenas, Tshabangu. Soon they will start to accuse you. They will use you to backtrack, abandon the struggle, promise you manna from heaven, but when your time expires, they will dump you.”

Siziba drew parallels with MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora, claiming that Mwonzora had also been used by ZANU PF and was eventually discarded when his mission was accomplished.

“We fear nothing, they know, you voted and gave people a mandate,” asserted Siziba.

He emphasized CCC’s influence, stating that wherever there is a local government representation, CCC governs, while ZANU PF is more prevalent in rural councils.

Siziba further claimed that CCC did not have a position of secretary-general, adding that the party’s opponents were surprised when CCC’s Constitution was produced in court.

He highlighted that CCC was registered in 2022 and had received recognition from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

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