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Chamisa’s Exit from CCC Reveals He Was Only Left With Two Loyal Cadres

Chamisa’s Exit from CCC Reveals He Was Only Left With Two Loyal Cadres

Mt Pleasant Constituency legislator, Fadzayi Mahere, together with CCC’s Harare Youth Quota Representative in Parliament Takudzwa Ngadziore have thrown her weight behind Nelson Chamisa’s decision to depart from the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Mahere, echoing Chamisa’s sentiments, emphasized the perceived lack of legitimacy in the CCC without its charismatic leader.

She asserted, “There’s no legitimate CCC without our Change Champion in Chief. I stand by Adv @nelsonchamisa’s decision and join him in leaving the charade.”

Chamisa’s announcement of his departure on January 24, 2024, has fueled speculations about the formation of a new political party. Mahere’s alignment with Chamisa may necessitate her resignation from Parliament, raising eyebrows about the potential impact on the political landscape.

Takudzwa Ngadziore, the CCC’s Harare Youth Quota Representative in Parliament, concurred with Mahere, expressing concerns about the CCC’s viability without Chamisa’s leadership.

Ngadziore stated, “A CCC without @nelsonchamisa is a ZANU-PF lite. The masses are waiting for our leadership. Freedom or Death, the way to go! A New Great Zimbabwe is possible!”

**What Comes Next? The Political Landscape Unfolds**

The aftermath of Chamisa’s departure raises questions about the fate of CCC Members of Parliament and councillors. The potential migration of members to Chamisa’s new party could trigger additional by-elections, incurring substantial financial costs. The ongoing by-elections have already consumed $11 million, adding further strain to the nation’s resources.

Alternatively, the CCC may opt not to recall members aligning with Chamisa to maintain its status as the main opposition party. The Political Parties (Finance) Act in Zimbabwe stipulates that only parties with parliamentary representation are eligible for financial assistance from the Political Parties Fund. Losing parliamentary seats would result in a loss of financial support, further complicating the CCC’s position.

**Key Figures in Focus: Biti, Hwende, and Ncube**

The looming question revolves around which individuals will join Chamisa in his new party. Tendai Biti, Chalton Hwende, and Welshman Ncube, senior officials in the CCC, have been subjects of intense speculation. The trio had disagreements with Chamisa before the August 2023 elections, with tensions escalating afterward.

Accusations of collaboration with the disputed CCC interim secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu, to destabilize the party have been vehemently denied by Biti and Ncube. Despite their commitment to the opposition cause, the recalls initiated by Tshabangu have seen ZANU PF gaining more MPs and councillors after subsequent by-elections.

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