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VIOLENCE, lulalula in a car and eviction of models from their rooms marred a pageant held in Kadoma recently.

Dubbed Miss Vene, the pageant, which was named after a Kadoma businessman, turned into a farce as some of the models were not happy with the conduct of the two male judges.

They claimed the male judges influenced the results of the winners as they were alleged to be romantically involved with three of the contestants.

According to sources, it took more than an hour before the winners could be announced as organisers and judges argued over the outcome.

One of the organisers of the pageant is said to have had lulalula, with one of the models in a car.

It is further claimed some male judges sneaked into girls’ rooms.

A disgruntled model was said to have forcefully grabbed the crown and hamper for the winner and threw them away in protest.

The winners of Miss Vene pageant are Yolanda “Kimyola” Banda (queen), Anne Hilda Mapuranga (first princess), Tatenda ‘Tanella’ Mapuranga (second princess) and Miss Personality, Rumbidzai Chidzikiti.

In an interview with H-Metro, one of the organisers, from K2 Brothers only identified as Losoh, refuted the allegations.

“This is just a narrative they have created so that we deviate from the main issue.

“The main issue is about judges from Harare who had their girlfriends whom they wanted to win.

“I didn’t know they had their girlfriends till we realised it at the event.

“The results were delayed because we realised that the judges were rigging. We had to discuss the results away from the contestants before the announcement.

“When we verified the sheets and they recorded their points, we noted that there was something amiss.

“They were favouring their models.”

The prize money has been withheld pending investigations.

“Though there is a general consensus that the Queen deserved the title, it is believed that from the First Princess to Miss Personality, their wins were fraudulent.

“We also never shared rooms with the models. We slept in separate rooms.

“We were left at the venue when the pageant ended and delayed by the rains. We had to walk about 5km to the guest house.

“When we arrived there, the manager was even at the door. The guard directed us to the other rooms.

“The girls slept in the dining room.”

Hilda, who was one of the models accused of having a cosy relationship with one of the close friends of the judges known as Jayden, denied having a romantic fling with him.

“The problem is some girls get bitter when they lose. Jayden was not even a judge.

“I did not kiss him as is being said by other girls.

“We were only blowing Shisha like what others were doing.

“I also deserved to win.

“I have been winning since 2017 when I started modelling in South Africa.

“I contested 12 times and I only lost once, but I never complained.

“We were also chased away at night, around 10pm, from the lodge, after we questioned the manager at the lodge who claimed that guys were sneaking into girls’ rooms.”

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