Charles Mungoshi in “cash deals”

Charles Mungoshi in “cash deals”

By Nigel Pfunde

Fast rising author Charles Mungoshi Junior seems to have fit perfectly into his father’s ‘Godzilla’ shoes in the literary world as the youthful writer will launch his sixth  book titled Madhiri eCash on Saturday.

The launch will be held at The Avon in the capital.

The book is written in colloquial Shona and English.

Mungoshi Jnr told Showbiz that for one to grab a person’s attention they have to speak their language.

“To have the attention of an individual you need to speak their language before you teach them your language and let them understand the scope of your vision,” he said.

The motivational and inspirational book mirrors real life situations as has become Mungoshi Jnr’s signature writing.

“I believe the communication in this book will unveil a whole new level of seeing in the perception of the general life lived by people,” said Mungoshi Jnr.

Mungoshi Jnr is.son to veteran actress Jesesi Mungoshi (Neria) and renowned writer Charles.

He is a former Prince Edward High student and is also part of The Shift movement where they aim to change mindsets.

Last month they invited South African radio personality and entrepreneur DJ Sbu.

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