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Chief Seke Imposes 10-Cattle Fine on Prophetess Nhapata for Tampering with Deceased

A church leader, Apostle Nhapata from Trinity International Fellowship Ministry, found herself in a peculiar situation.

It all began when she sneaked into a mortuary with the audacious intention of bringing a dead person back to life.

The deceased in question was Gift Takudzwa Shiriyapenga, and Apostle Nhapata admitted to tampering with his body, believing that her prayers could work miracles.

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However, Gift’s mother, Agnes Bhiza, was outraged by Apostle Nhapata’s actions. She firmly believed that no one had the right to tamper with her son’s body without their consent, especially someone who had no relation to Gift and was not even a member of their church.

Agnes Bhiza took her grievances to Chief Seke and lodged a report against Apostle Nhapata for her unorthodox behavior.

Chief Seke, after hearing the case, decided to impose a fine on Apostle Nhapata. As a form of reparation for tampering with the deceased, she was ordered to pay nine cattle by the end of the month.

The weight of the penalty left Apostle Nhapata overwhelmed, and she collapsed upon receiving the news from Chief Seke.

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Apostle Nhapata, known for her claims of resurrecting the dead, found herself in a state of astonishment. She had allegedly brought back ten people from the dead in the past, but now she stood before Chief Seke with no words to defend her actions.

She expressed her surrender, acknowledging that her fate was in God’s hands.

While awaiting the outcome of the pending criminal court case related to her actions, Apostle Nhapata accepted her silence as a sign to wait and discern what God wanted her to do next

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