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Child Health Cards Scandal Uncovered

An investigation by our publication at Warren Park Polyclinic has uncovered a syndicate allegedly involved in creating an artificial shortage of child health cards in some Harare City Council clinics. These cards, essential for proving birth and acquiring birth certificates, are reportedly being sold for between US$10 and US$20 to desperate parents.

During the investigation, our reporter was linked to the syndicate by local residents, leading to a meeting outside council premises where the transaction took place. A male nurse at the clinic requested US$20 for a single child health card, covering the cost of filling in details and routine check-ups. After negotiation, the price was lowered to US$10, which our reporter paid instantly.

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The completed health card was produced within minutes, and upon verification, it was stamped at a nearby private hospital. This fraudulent activity has raised concerns about corruption and unethical practices within the healthcare system.

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care have referred questions to Harare City Council, confirming ongoing investigations into the matter. The council director acknowledged discrepancies in the distribution of health cards and affirmed that the cards should be provided for free.

The Zimbabwe Nurses Association condemned the illicit sale of government services and urged nurses to refrain from engaging in such activities.

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