Chimurenga Legend Thomas Mapfumo Declines Luxury Vehicle and House Offer From Sir Wicknell in Support of the Poor

Renowned Chimurenga musician, Thomas Mapfumo, has denied allegations of accepting an extravagant offer from controversial figure Wicknell Chivayo, which included a luxury car worth $200,000 and a residence valued at $300,000.

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio, Mapfumo firmly stated, “I cannot be bribed.”

Mapfumo recounted an unexpected phone call from Chivayo while he was preparing for bed on Sunday evening.

“He reached out to me from New York during his visit. We exchanged greetings, and that was the extent of our conversation,” Mapfumo revealed.

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Chivayo took a screenshot of his call to Mapfumo, misleadingly suggesting that Mapfumo initiated the contact.

Using social media, Chivayo urged Mapfumo to retract his previous criticisms of the ruling party, hinting that luxurious assets could be acquired if Mapfumo complied.

This proposition came after Mapfumo recently mocked musicians who sought vehicles from Chivayo.

Mapfumo’s Stance on Musician Handouts

In a scathing critique, Mapfumo condemned Chivayo and the Zanu PF administration for giving expensive cars to musicians while neglecting the dire condition of hospitals and widespread poverty.

“Our current predicament is rooted in poverty,” Mapfumo asserted. “Accepting these lavish gifts only perpetuates dependency. Jah Prayzah’s gratitude for an unseen car exemplifies this.”

Instead, Mapfumo suggested redirecting those funds towards improving healthcare and alleviating poverty. He emphasized the deteriorating state of roads and the plight of people living in destitution. Mapfumo’s vision is centered around collective prosperity rather than individual opulence.

Chivayo’s Response

In response, Chivayo insinuated that Mapfumo’s financial struggles could be resolved if he aligned himself with the ruling party.

“While I admire his music, Mapfumo’s financial difficulties are self-inflicted,” Chivayo remarked. “During his visit to Zimbabwe, he was stranded and relied solely on social media fame for assistance.”

Chivayo suggested that if Mapfumo recommitted himself to the ruling party, newfound prosperity could follow, implying that the dominance of Zanu PF was perpetual.

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