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Chipinge Residents Arrested for Confessing to Murder Amid Accusations of Maize-Meal Theft

In a startling twist of events, two individuals hailing from Chipinge find themselves entangled in murder charges following a confession tied to allegations of maize-meal theft.

Daniel Sithole and Cleanous Utete stand accused of perpetrating a fatal assault on their neighbor, Nicholas Muyambo, and then clandestinely interring his remains in a shallow grave to obscure evidence of their crime.

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The grim narrative of this incident unfolded a week subsequent to Muyambo’s sudden disappearance, as Sithole and Utete purportedly divulged the sequence of events leading up to the heinous act.

According to reports, Muyambo, in quest of employment at Farm 34 in Middle Sabi, Chipinge District, on March 10, 2024, became ensnared in accusations of maize-meal theft.

Allegedly, this led to a relentless physical onslaught upon him by the two accused, culminating tragically in his demise.

Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, acting as the spokesperson for the Manicaland provincial police, affirmed the chilling account of the murder, elucidating that the suspects were in cooperation with the ongoing police investigation into the matter.

The probe was instigated following the report of Muyambo’s disappearance by his elder brother on March 17, instigating a concerted effort by authorities to ascertain his whereabouts.

Curiously, Utete purportedly confessed to the crime to Listen Chikoo, a farm irrigator, on the very day Muyambo was declared missing.

Utete purportedly recounted the grim details of how he and Sithole had dispatched Muyambo and then secreted his remains nearby.

Chikoo, displaying prompt action, recorded the confession on his mobile device and promptly apprised Passmore Muumbe of Farm 28 of the revelation.

Together, Chikoo and Muumbe located the shallow grave as indicated by Utete, leading to the discovery of Muyambo’s decomposed remains.

Authorities were immediately notified, and a police investigation ensued. The exhumation of Muyambo’s body from the shallow grave resulted in the arrest of Sithole and Utete.

The remains were transferred to Chipinge District Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem examination as investigations continue.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka urged the public to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts, warning against resorting to violence that could result in loss of life.

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