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Chivhayo Gifts Suluman Chimbetu a 2022 Mercedes Benz

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo, earlier today gifted a luxurious Mercedes Benz to Dendera music star Suluman Chimbetu.

This comes after Chivhayo also gifted Jah Prayzah another Merc last week.

Sharing on social media, Chivhayo said he presented this special gift to show appreciation for Chimbetu’s support and contributions, especially to their political party, Zanu PF.

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Chivhayo also mentioned that although he is a fan of Dendera music, he deeply admired Suluman’s late father, Simon Chopper Chimbetu, who was not only an exceptional singer but also Chivhayo’s best friend.

Chopper Chimbetu was widely respected and was known for his strong allegiance to Zanu PF until his passing. Sir Wicknell Chivhayo fondly remembered Chopper Chimbetu’s memorable performance at the State House and expressed his longing for him.

He concluded by sending prayers for Chimbetu’s late father, hoping that his soul continues to rest in peace.

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