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Chomudhara protege stock rising

Chomudhara protege stock rising

BY Own Correspondent

Rising sungura artiste Mollen Tichareva aka Senator has subscribed to the concept that if you want to be great, you have to be part of the greatest by going under the tutelage of Sulumani Chimbetu, Roderick Chomudhara and lately Peter Moyo.

His association with these stars has made him and his band Skylimit one of the most sought after new bands at live shows.

Indeed the sky is the limit for the youthful musician as he shares the stage with Young Igwe at Eland bar in Harare at a potentially explosive show Saturday.

This is a show in which Senator has promised to surpass the high bar he set in his previous outings with Young Igwe.

“I am ready for the show and I have been rehearsing a lot. Sharing the stage with Young Igwe is always a pleasure,” he said.

Senator conceded he never had intentions to get into the musical fray as he thought his love was restricted to being a fan.

“I was a sungura fanatic and not an artiste, it was only in 2015, when I developed myself to an artiste being inspired by the cheers of fans wen I got onto Rodrick Chomudara’s set on stage. I went on to compose a track that I gave to Bambo Roddy and he loved the lyrics and melody. from then he encouraged me to work on my first album,” narrated Senator.

His first project Nguva Yakwana was produced at Gramma Records in 2015.

In 2016 he went on to collaborate with Sulu on a track titled Kumarinda that received generous airplay on local radio.

He has also sought to boost confidence of his band by engaging former Orchestra Dendera Kings backing vocalist Phillip Dzivike.