Cimas gives the Zimbabwean Cancer Association $13,000 USD

Cimas gives the Zimbabwean Cancer Association $13,000 USD

 As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Cimas Medical Aid, the largest medical assistance provider in the nation, donated US$13,753.00 to the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe in the capital under the wellness brand iGO.

The donation came from the proceeds of the yearly iGo half marathon, sponsored by Cimas, which took place in November of last year in Bulawayo and Harare and saw 1,422 runners compete in various events.

Tatenda Madzikanda, Chief Marketing Officer of Cimas, spoke during the handover ceremony and said the donation was a perfect example of the organization’s dedication to enhancing the lives of people in the communities it serves.

With the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe, we have become a family, and we will never stop being there for you. We are giving you all of the money we raised from the iGo half marathon—US$13,753.00—as promised. We appreciate Pick n Pay and Zimpure, our main sponsors, for helping us make the event a success.” stated Madzikanda.

Cimas expected 1,000 runners for the November iGo Half Marathon in both Harare and Bulawayo, but 1,422 runners registered and raised US$13,753.00 due to the event’s oversubscription.

Cancer patients and their families are supported by the kind donations made by Cimas, according to Junior Mavu, General Manager of the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe, who accepted the donation during the handover ceremony.

“Our heartfelt thanks to Cimas for supporting us and the cause because you have always done it year in, year out. For us to be able to do what we do, it is because of such support. This donation will go a long way in helping the cancer patients and their families. Cancer treatments and drugs are expensive and not every patient is on medical aid or health insurance, so for those who are not on medical aid, treatment becomes very difficult, and this is where we chip in, but because of the high numbers, we are not able to help everyone as desired.” Mavu said.

The iGo Half Marathon is anticipated to grow and improve this year, with 2,000 runners registered in both Bulawayo and Harare. In addition to increasing awareness of men’s health and wellness, the half-marathon fosters camaraderie and unity among all men fighting testicular and prostate cancer.

The Diabetes Association of Zimbabwe received 500 Novo Nordisk Levemir Insulin Pens, valued at $27,500.00, from Cimas Health Group last month. The donation gave the diabetic community in Zimbabwe a significant boost in helping those who suffer from the chronic illness by giving them the support and medication they need to effectively manage their condition.

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