CIMAS Supports The Training Of Healthcare Specialists

CIMAS Supports The Training Of Healthcare Specialists

Private healthcare insurer, CIMAS, has sponsored the training of more than 20 health specialists in different disciplines in the country since 2015 as part of efforts to promote skilled human capital development.

The organization has also poured millions into developing state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure throughout the country to assist provision of improved health outcomes.

Early this year, CIMAS chief executive officer Mr Vulindlela Ndlovu revealed that they were targeting to spend US$7 million towards improving health service delivery and infrastructure in the country.

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In an interview during a recent media engagement in Bulawayo, Mr Ndlovu said every year the company spends about US$200 000 to provide training for different health specialists.

They aim is to complement the Government’s efforts in the provision of accessible health services.

“From 2015, about 20 plus specialists have qualified through our skills development programme,” said Mr Ndlovu.

“Each year we are probably getting five or so specialists completing their studies because it takes them roughly four years to complete those studies.

“We support them within and outside Zimbabwe, as we try to push supper specialties because now specialization is very focused.”

In their quest to develop the health infrastructure, Mr Ndlovu said they have recently opened a dental clinic in Bulawayo to spread quality services.

“We are trying to be present throughout the health care value chain, it’s for better coordination and sometimes coordination of the treatment but it’s also for us primarily for making sure that we concentrate on good health outcomes and improve access for our members generally,” he said.

“The Government public-private partnership call is a good initiative, as capital becomes available, you will see us trying to fund those opportunities where we can partner with the Government but as a private healthcare player, we are already complementing the public sector in providing good healthcare services.


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