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Controversial Journey of Seh Calaz: A Man of Many Escapes

Controversial Journey of Seh Calaz: A Man of Many Escapes

Seh Calaz, the renowned Zimbabwean artist and Kambucha Beverages brand ambassador, has become synonymous with controversy and the ability to overcome numerous challenges throughout his career.

Born and raised in Mbare, he has faced character assassination attempts and found himself in confrontations that could have potentially ended his musical journey. However, time and time again, Seh Calaz has managed to escape unscathed, defying the odds and proving his resilience.

Here are eight notable instances where he has emerged victorious, solidifying his reputation as a true “Mubhanditi.”

  1. Winky D

In his early years as an artist, Seh Calaz engaged in a rivalry with Winky D, one of the biggest names in Zimdancehall. Despite being considered an underdog, Seh Calaz’s response to Winky D’s track “Mafira Kureva” established him as a nemesis to Winky D’s legion of followers. Many believed this clash would lead to an early exit from the music scene, but Seh Calaz defied the odds and survived.

  1. Souljah Luv

Taking the stage at the notable Zimdancehall exhibition, Sting, Seh Calaz battled against the beloved Zimdancehall artist Souljah Luv. The performance ended in a scuffle, with Souljah Luv claiming victory. Yet Seh Calaz managed to escape character assassination once again, surviving the fallout from the event.

  1. Moira Knight

Seh Calaz faced a personal attack when his ex-wife, Moira Knight, made defamatory claims about him, accusing him of being an irresponsible drug abuser. These accusations, accompanied by alleged videos and pictures from his residence, put his reputation on the line. Nevertheless, Seh Calaz weathered the storm and emerged with his career intact.


  1. Passion Java and Nash TV

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Seh Calaz found himself at odds with two influential figures in the music industry: Passion Java and Nash TV. He denounced his contract with Nash TV, leading to its revocation, while also engaging in a longstanding feud with Passion Java, whom he labeled a “fake prophet.” Despite the controversies surrounding these clashes, Seh Calaz continues to thrive.

  1. Mthwakazi Republic

Navigating the sensitive topic of tribalism in Zimbabwe can be treacherous, yet Seh Calaz found himself entangled in it. In an attempt to discourage artists from sacrificing their future for short-term gains, he made an ill-advised reference to Ndebele King Lobengula. The Mthwakazi Republic pressure group, Inhlokomo YeSizwe, threatened him with destruction if he ever set foot in Matebeleland. However, Seh Calaz managed to rectify his mistake and escape unscathed.

  1. Kambucha

Seh Calaz’s association with Kambucha Beverages as a brand ambassador has faced constant scrutiny from medical boards, media outlets, and even Parliament. Despite the ongoing attacks, the brand’s popularity continues to grow, with billboards featuring Seh Calaz appearing at a rapid pace. His resilience is evident as he maintains his role while weathering the controversies.

  1. The Yellow Train

Seh Calaz has never shied away from expressing his opinions, both on and off the microphone, particularly when it comes to criticizing the government. He has aligned himself with the alternative movement known as the “yellow train.” While other artists, like Ricky Fire, abandoned this path, Seh Calaz remains steadfast, demonstrating his longevity and relevance.

  1. Bloggers

Seh Calaz has disrupted various spaces, including his engagement with Plot Mhako, the founder of Earground. Despite certain disagreements, Seh Calaz showed his resilience by filling up Mbare’s Stodart Hall on the same night Freeman hosted his album launch across town. This act emphasized Seh Calaz’s ability to rise above obstacles and maintain his relevance.

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