Controversy Brews as Kenyan University Eyes Witchcraft Degree

Controversy Brews as Kenyan University Eyes Witchcraft Degree

The University of Machakos in Kenya is reportedly planning to introduce a degree program in Witchcraft, a development that has generated a range of responses from different sectors of society.

While some find it amusing, others are shocked by the decision. The program is set to launch in April 2021, making the university the second globally to offer such a degree.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, the course has already garnered significant interest, with many students expressing a desire to enroll. The university aims to tap into local expertise and resources to ensure the success of the program.

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The Vice-Chancellor stated that the course aims to preserve valuable historical and cultural knowledge, benefiting young people and future generations.

The Witchcraft degree program, under the jurisdiction of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, is awaiting approval from the University Education Board.

It boasts a diverse faculty roster, bringing together experts from Kenya, Zanzibar, Haiti, and Mexico. The program will allow students to study witchcraft and earn a degree.

The course structure will incorporate various methodologies, and the program will offer evening sessions in a residential format to accommodate concerns related to COVID-19 disruptions.

While specific course modules have not been disclosed, there are plans for two field attachments where students will be placed with practicing witches.

Graduates of the program are expected to establish private practices capable of handling complex issues beyond conventional matters.

The introduction of the Witchcraft degree program at the University of Machakos has triggered mixed reactions among Zimbabweans on social media.


Haaa pakuita mapracticals ndopatichamama nekuroiwa ????????????especially vaya naNed ane achitoda distinction


Takusvika kumagumo epasi pano????????????????


Harry Potter School Reloaded????????????


It’s about time we started putting respect on African culture… please don’t call it “witchcraft”!… panga pasina church nemabible tikazosvikirwa nevarungu!! Mabhunu akakupedzai necolonisiation!


It’s not witchcraft it’s our tradition religion and culture, which was labeled evil by the invaders


Attachment manje ???????????? kunenge kwakapenga

While some find the initiative worrisome and outrageous, others have welcomed it. Surprisingly, a segment of social media users argued that it is time for universities to introduce such degree programs.


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