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Cyril Ramaphosa Criticised For Twerking

Cyril Ramaphosa Criticised For Twerking

Former “Scandal” actress Masasa Mbangeni has joined the chorus of South Africans criticizing President Cyril Ramaphosa for his participation in the water challenge dance initiated by Grammy award winner Tyla.

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In a video shared on the Presidency’s official account, President Ramaphosa can be seen dancing and twerking, eliciting mixed reactions from the public. While some may perceive the president’s involvement as a light-hearted moment, Mbangeni and others argue that more urgent issues demand his attention.

Mbangeni’s critique, expressed on social media, questions the appropriateness of the president engaging in a viral dance trend while the country faces significant challenges.

She expressed her discontent, stating, “There’s something ‘let them eat cake’ about Cyril twerking when we are breathing through the wound and barely able to come as the citizens of this country.”

Her comments highlight the frustration felt by many citizens, who perceive the government’s actions as insensitive to the everyday struggles faced by the populace.

issues like unemployment, poverty, and corruption prevalent, some view the president’s participation in such activities as disconnected from the reality of citizens’ lives.

While leaders need to connect with their constituents and display their human side, there is a fine line between relatability and triviality. Mbangeni’s critique serves as a reminder of the importance of public figures, especially those in positions of authority, being mindful of the messages they convey and the perceptions they create.

Amidst grappling with significant challenges, leaders must prioritize addressing the concerns of the populace and demonstrate unwavering dedication to resolving issues. While dancing may offer a moment of amusement, it should never overshadow the solemn responsibilities and obligations of those in positions of power.

This incident may serve as a wake-up call for President Cyril Ramaphosa and other leaders, urging them to refocus their attention on tackling the genuine issues confronting the nation rather than becoming entangled in fleeting viral trends and distractions.

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