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 Daisy Mtukudzi Encourages Nyabinde Family to Uphold Bob Nyabinde’s Legacy

Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s widow, Daisy Mtukudzi, has urged Agga and Albert Nyabinde to preserve the legacy of their late father, Bob Nyabinde. Bob Nyabinde, a revered musician, passed away on December 23 last year at the age of 68.

The veteran journalist Munyaradzi Huni, with the assistance of music promoter Josh Hozheri, compiled Nyabinde’s biography titled “The Headmaster With A Guitar: Bob Nyabinde,” which was recently launched in Kwekwe during the crooner’s memorial service.

Reflecting on the close bond between the Nyabinde and Mtukudzi families, Daisy shared, “I have always taken them as my sons, and we have a good history as the two families.” She recalled fond memories of her late husband referring to Agga as ‘Disaster’ after an incident involving a broken guitar, highlighting the familial bond they shared.

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Accompanied by her daughters Samantha and Faith, Daisy expressed gratitude for the heartfelt tribute to Bob Nyabinde, stating, “This was the best way to remember the great Bob Nyabinde.” She emphasized the importance of cherishing the values and teachings passed down by Nyabinde.

Acknowledging the efforts of Josh Hozheri in uniting the Nyabinde family and organizing the memorial show, Daisy praised his dedication. The event, which featured performances by renowned artists such as Stevie “Dhongi” Makoni, Kireni Zulu, and Victor Kunonga, drew scores of attendees from various walks of life.

As Daisy Mtukudzi and the Nyabinde family continue to honor the legacy of Bob Nyabinde, his contributions to music and his profound influence will undoubtedly live on, inspiring future generationsHome – ZiMetro News

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