Daughter snatches Mom’s boyfriend

A WAR of words has erupted between a woman and her daughter with the pair accusing each other of snatching lovers.

Ayanda Ncube is even accusing her mother, Sthabile Blom, of forcing her into prostitution, at the age of 15.

Sithabile is also pointing a finger at her daughter for sleeping with her husband, Johannes Blom.

There are also allegations Sithabile also slept with Ayanda’s ex-boyfriend.

Sthabile feels Ayanda is a ‘bad’ child.

Ayanda blames her mother for lying and abusing her.

“Mother got me into prostitution when I was 15, and she used to come with clients that I used to sleep with while she collected the money,” said Ayanda.

“They would also pay rent using that money.

“Her husband even tried to rape me when I was 13.

“She defended him and I am deeply in pain that my own biological mother treated me like a slave.

“Then in 2015, she met Blom, who is now her husband, and I became very close to him.

“He gave me love, which my own father didn’t give me, and he wanted to take me to school but my mother refused.”

Added Ayanda: “I became pregnant in 2017, from a former boyfriend, and I stayed with him for four years but my mother ruined it.

“We broke up before I started prostitution again in Cape Town. I then met another guy in Zimbabwe, and she was against him.

“She later slept with him.

“I discovered the affair and I was threatened with death before I ran away to stay in Cape Town with my daughter.

“I am asking myself, what on earth did I do to her that she wishes to see me dead. My mother forced Blom to write a will with her name since she wants everything if he dies and she is always saying Blom might die anytime soon.

“I am afraid Blom is in danger.”

Ayanda denied ever sleeping with Blom.

“I never slept with him. He used to be there for me as a father but my mother never wanted me close to him.

“She knew that she taught me how to be a prostitute so, maybe, she thought one day I might sleep with him, since we are into prostitution.

“I wish I had a chance to get revenge for her sleeping with my ex-boyfriend.

“He told me my mother paid him R10 000 to look for thugs to kill me, fortunately I survived.”

Ayanda explained how she got into prostitution.

“It started when I was 15. It stopped when I got pregnant at 17. I stayed with my boyfriend for four years, before we separated.

“My mother started again to push me into prostitution before I stopped in 2019. She approached me again in November last year, when she wanted me to do it, but I refused.

“I was not in love with Blom but he is the only person who was always there for me.”

However, Sthabile said her daughter is at war with her.

“There is nothing my daughter could say about me which is good, because she is fighting for my husband.

“My husband himself confessed their love affair. It’s even recorded by the counsellors. She won’t admit it because it’s a humiliation in our culture and community.

“She ran away from home to stay with a boy (name withheld) who later impregnated her.

“I am not surprised by her actions. Of course, it’s painful but it’s all that you can expect from her.

“She is lying that I got her into prostitution. At the age of 15, she went to cohabit with the father of her child.

“I don’t hate my child but she has to be humble and admit that she is wrong. How come my husband humbled himself and apologised?”

Ayanda’s mother also said her daughter even lied about her death to people in a car crash.

“She faked my death on March 7.”



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