…Dear Lord, PLEASE open Roki’s eyes

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…Dear Lord, PLEASE open Roki’s eyes

They say the graveyard is one of the richest places in the world, not because of the caskets, tombstones therein but rather it is home to unwritten books, unsung songs, inventions never commissioned among many other pieces of genius that lie beneath heaps of dirt.

People go to great lengths to try and live their dreams but some just do not care and seem determined to mess up their golden meal ticket. Well one such character is none other than self-exiled urban groover, Rockford ‘Roki’ Josphats.

The “super father” should surely be told that life is what you make it and instead of living a life of controversy, he must commit himself to making hits just like all would want to know him for.

I’m sure the same effort he puts in planting the seed of his loins can be used to reinvent himself as a top artist.

In Roki, I believe Zimbabwe has a mega star capable of flying the country’s flag high, his experience and talent can never be doubted.

Truth be told; the new crop of musicians, many that are “graduating” from the urban grooves and Zim dancehall are ill-backed and audiences are starved of creativity. It is then that artistes like Roki must rise to the occasion.

The talented composer and dancer has a string of hits to his name. One cannot ignore the brilliance and originality in funky Suzzana, the melody in Seiko and soulful Ichanaya, the genius chat buster Chidzoka to well-arranged Rudo neChido off the album Rockford Gold Album.

Every collaboration that Roki has been involved in turned to gold and is as good as a producer, what a talent and just as well; what a waste.

He might now prefer to be called Rockford Gold but it seems there is nothing golden about his priorities and actions.

Controversy and indiscipline seem to be the mortar that holds his life and is surely his biggest enemy as it threatens to erase the good about him. As if not enough, Roki has crossed the border into South Africa following an alleged case of theft and physical abuse.

The artiste is said to have assaulted girlfriend Nyasha Valerie before he broke into their house, in Nyasha’s absence taking all the furniture and has been wanted by police since August 20th 2016.

Roki seems to be enjoying life on the run and the artiste recently posted a picture with award winning rapper Cassper Nyovest captioned “Bumped into hommie @CassperNyovest on my way to Cape Town…’’Humble guy…Cape Town is you ready? (sic).”

Dear Rockford Josphat, a selfie with Capster Nyovest, is just what it is. A selfie. Cassper is not a wanted man but a loved man. He is one of Africa’s best and as for you well, need I say more.

Cassper Nyovest only made international acclaim after the release of his second official single Doc Shebeleza in November of 2014, almost two years after your boyish exuberance got you kicked out of the Big Brother competition, a season that was set to propel you into the international scene. Not mention this again was one of your many “second chances”.

Casper Nyovest, your “hommie” is one hardworking musician who started his career well after you, sang Mama I Made It, because he has made it. Wouldn’t you want to pen a similar song for mother- take a few notes “hommie”.

Do not get too excited, South Africa has muted many promising voices; it would be devastating to see your name on that list. Speak of Betty Makaya, Michelle Jambo, and TK Hollun among many others.

Be a man, come back home and carry your cross. Get back to your true calling, I believe it’s baseless to say Roki’s erratic behavior is as a result of him dropping out of school because history has seen many big things from school drop-outs.

Maybe, just maybe; his flaws are spiritual but then gain I read of the story of Hagar in the book of Genesis hence my prayer that God opens Roki’s eyes so that he can see his potential and what his missing.

One famous Greek philosopher once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” and deep down I know Roki is aware of his capabilities.

Jim Rohn says: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” It’s time to shape up lad.

Do not take your talent to the grave Roki, vaShona vanoti “seri kweguva hakuna munamato”.