Delta Introduces Exciting New Flavors to Chibuku Beer Range

Delta Corporation Unveils Two New Flavors for Chibuku Super Beer Brand

Delta Corporation has introduced two exciting new flavors to its Chibuku Super beer brand, further expanding its offerings in the sorghum beer segment. The new flavors, ginger and pineapple, have already hit the shelves, providing consumers with more choices to meet their evolving preferences.

Sorghum beers have been a significant revenue driver for Delta, contributing 34.6 percent of revenue in the second quarter of 2023. This segment witnessed its highest volume contribution in five years last year, highlighting its growing importance in the company’s portfolio.

At a launch event held in Harare, Marshall Pemhiwa, the general manager for sorghum beer business at Delta, expressed excitement about the expansion of the Chibuku Super flavor range. He emphasized the company’s commitment to offering differentiated products and meeting the diverse needs of consumers.

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The addition of ginger and pineapple flavors complements the existing Chibuku Super flavor range, which includes banana flavor, Chibuku Super Original, and the Scud packs. Delta sees these new introductions as part of its strategy to grow and innovate within the sorghum beer category, with plans for future product developments.

Meanwhile, Delta Corporation reported a significant increase in revenue for the quarter ended December 31, 2023, driven by robust volume growth across all business units. The company’s focus on United States dollar sales also contributed to its strong performance.

In the sorghum beer segment, overall volume in Zimbabwe, including exports, increased by 3 percent for the quarter and 4 percent year-to-date. However, domestic sales experienced a slight dip due to increased availability of lager beer. The new Chibuku Super plant in Harare has helped stabilize supply for both local and regional markets.

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